Trumpeter Harold Little gets fun and funky on this upbeat and plugged in session. Complete with a heavy backbeat rotating rhythm team, guitars, reeds and even a choir, Akoben swings over a slapping bass on “East of the River" and Headhunting keyboards on Stomp the Roaches...” - George W. Harris
AKOBEN transcends classification with new harmonies and orchestration that defy description...” - Grady Harp
... Akoben, a funky blast of '80s fun that rises above the genre through his superb horn work. He captures the best of the era--hot, sultry playing that boasts hidden depths, sort of like Miles Davis' strange yet pioneering Tutu and Amandla.”
DC area trumpet player, songwriter and producer Harold Little debuted in 2009 with the EP Daddy's Groove. Harold incorporates on this album Funk undertones with a hint of Go-Go Swing. His sophomore album Akoben (2017) is a testimony of his African roots in a multicultural diversity” - Hans-Bernd Hulsmann
. . . All the way from “git-down" funk to the hippest of the hip & even a brief foray into church-like gospel, Harold reaches out to your ears and energizes them with his totally unique trumpet and flugelhorn work . . .” - Dick Metcalf, editor