Harold Little is a proven, seasoned and dynamic musician who has been playing the trumpet for over 3 decades. A Washington, DC native and graduate from the infamous Duke Ellington School of the Arts and the jazz studies program at the University of District of Columbia, Harold Little is also a songwriter and producer

In his music, Harold Little incorporates Funk undertones with a hint of GOGO Swing. This winning formula enables Harold to assemble the best musicians from multiple music genres, and together they can produce soulful sounds unmatched by any other band. Harold has played with jazz legends like Chuck Brown, Butch Warren, Buck Hill, Eddie Gladden, and Calvin Jones. The affinity for music is in the blood so to speak, many of his uncles and cousins play instruments or was in the business of music in one way or another.

Raised on musical greats such as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind& Fire, Marvin Gaye and Parliament Funkadelic, these R&B greats laid the foundation of what can be heard throughout Harold’s music. Harold Little released his debut album in 2009 titled Daddy’s Groove that showcased his Go Go spirit and blends of soul and jazz. Described by Contemporary Fusion Reviews as reaching all the way from “git down" funk to the hippest of the hip and even a brief foray into church-like gospel. Harold Little’s music reaches out to your ears and energizes them with his totally unique trumpet and flugelhorn work.