Musical greats are those who can make their art enter the souls of those who hear it. Even if that artist only gives a LITTLE portion of their music, during a LITTLE time, a LITTLE can go a long way.

Trumpeter, songwriter and producer Harold Little is one of those musical greats who considers his instrument to be a part of who he is, an extension of his personality. A Washington, DC musician who has played with legends like Chuck Brown, Butch Warren, Buck Hill, Eddie Gladden and Calvin Jones, Harold Little has the fingertip feel for embouchure and valves. A graduate of the famed Duke Ellington School of the Arts and the Jazz Studies program at the University of District of Columbia, Harold Little grew up around music where many members of his family were in and around the music industry. Harold has been cultivating and performing for nearly 4 decades, in tune with the wisdom of music built on the standards of R&B, Jazz, Funk with a hint of Go-Go Swing.

From his 2009 debut EP titled Daddy’s Groove to his 2017 CD release Akoben to his current single, Love Is Stronger Than Pride, all one needs to do is hear just a LITTLE of these unique artistic masterpieces to know Harold Little has the skills of a trumpeter whose grooves will make you bob your head and pat your feet.

With the “Don’t Mute DC" movement, LITTLE answers with his rendition of SADE’s 1988 hit, Love Is Stronger Than Pride. LITTLE says, “…if you really listen to my music, you will hear a little Jazz, Funk, and R&B but always from a Go-Go perspective . . . sometimes I just disguise the music it to fit radio format, but it’s always there".

If Harold has proven anything over his 30 plus year career is, when people hear his music they will remember when, where, and what they were doing, when they heard it. A LITTLE does truly go a long way.


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