Nobody knows trumpet quite like Harold Little. That's because the DC area musician doesn't see it as just an instrument – it's literally part of who he is, an extension of his personality. Anyone who's seen him play will tell you that he's got a fingertip feel for embouchure and valves. So it's no surprise that he's played with legends like Chuck Brown, Butch Warren, Buck Hill, Eddie Gladden and Calvin Jones. Now with his new band and album that fuses jazz, funk and R&B, Harold is here to show that a Little goes a long way.

“At my age, I am at a place where I don't care what people think about me," he explains. “ I am very comfortable in my skin and my music reflects that. I’m free from that crowd pleasing, applause hunting, tap dancing, typical cover bullshit!" Little didn't develop that thick skin overnight. He began cultivating it the first time he picked up trumpet in the 7th grade. Inspired to play because of his father, Little was always around music growing up. “On my father’s side of the family, many of my uncles and cousins played an instrument or was in a band, or a manager, or something affiliated with music." Raised on Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelic, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Earth Wind & Fire and other R&B classic soul groups, Little may have honed his skills at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and the jazz studies program at the University of District of Columbia – but his affinity for music was in his blood.

In 2009 he released his debut EP titled Daddy's Groove, a five-track effort that brings out his go-go spirit and blends it with soul and jazz. “Before Daddy's Groove, my projects would fizzle but never die. I got love from all around the world and in places I can't even pronounce!" Little's new record may be even more cosmopolitan. It shows off his skills as a trumpeter, songwriter & producer and throws down a groove that'll make you bob your head and pat your feet. And that Harold Little beat isn't one to underestimate. If Harold has proven anything over the years, it's that a little truly does go a long way.

“When people hear my music I want them to say damn! Who is that? I want them to remember when, where, and what they were doing when they heard it. I want them to feel the energy, the love and passion, the heat! I want my music to enter their soul."